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Drinking Water System

If removing chlorine from water or eliminating other unpleasant tastes and odors is your main concern, the Drinking Water System carbon filter is an excellent choice. The Drinking Water System Filter doesn’t take up precious counter or refrigerator space, or attach clumsily to your faucet. Unlike other carbon filtration systems, it fits and operates conveniently out of the way—under your sink or from some other location. Plus, it includes a dedicated, lead-free faucet for dispensing its refreshing filtered water.

The Drinking Water System Filter is the most affordable solution for improving your drinking water. It’s a good first step to getting higher-quality water, and you can always upgrade to a more advanced drinking water system down the road.


Product Features


  • Delivers fresh-tasting water
  • Alerts you when a filter change is necessary
  • Conveniently fits under your sink
  • 1 year warranty